Why You Should Start Your Blog Right Now

Why You Should Start Your Blog Right Now

There’s no time like the present and I accept that you’re sat reading this post but I’m here to tell you why you should Start Your Blog Right Now.

If you’re thinking of starting a new blog, I should be honest and tell you that you’re actually wasting your valuable time reading this post when you could be going through the steps needed to get your new site up and running.

Stalling when you could start your blog

About a million different reason can be given as to why potential blog writers don’t just get stuck in and begin creating content.

Some of the most common reasons for procrastination are:

  • “I’m researching my niche”. Or rather reading what others have already written in your chosen niche. Research certainly has it’s place. But just researching when you could be building is time wasted.
  • “My work/life means I haven’t got time to start my blog right now”. Well, the time you’re spending reading this post is time you could have used to start your blog. Do you watch TV regularly? Imagine how much time you would have to create your new future as a blogger if you switched off the glowing box.
  • “I don’t have a topic to write about” The best bloggers draw on their personal experience for their writing. You would have to be living a seriously dull life not to have anything you could be writing about right now.
  • “There’s too much content already in my niche” That may be true but that doesn’t mean you get off the hook. You can still become the authority in your chosen niche or subject. But you’ve got to get going right now and produce the best content out there!
  • “It isn’t worth it; I won’t get the reach/authority/income I desire”. You’re guaranteed to fail to get any of the things you desire from blogging if you never start your blog.
  • “I don’t have a topic to write about” The best bloggers draw on their personal experience for their writing. You would have to be living a seriously dull life not to have anything you could be writing about right now.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

You may think that it’s critically important to get all your ducks in a row before you start your blog. To an extent, some planning is desirable before you take the plunge but there’s no need to go into fine detail.

A simple checklist of the basics should suffice.

Make sure to:

  • Have your own domain name.
  • Buy good quality, fast blog hosting.
  • Use web analytics early-on so you can track your progress.

Your domain name is nowhere near as critical as it used to be. Take “followmehigher.com” for example. Sure, it evokes an idea but it doesn’t have any nice specific keywords. It may be somewhat memorable but it will be just as easily forgotten if the content it represents sucks. Try not to agonize too long over picking the perfect domain name. Many, many word combinations have been taken already, especially in the popular .com TLD. The domain only needs to be a recognizable, personal place-marker for your content.

You new blog needs to be fast. Nothing will get you ignored by the “major search engines” (meaning Google) as quickly as having long page load times. But don’t go off googling content-delivery networks and advance caching features just now. Such technical performance tweaking can wait. Right now, simply going with a quick blog host located on a good network in the geographic area you expect most of your readers to come from will suffice.

Use web analytics on your new blog. Without a means of seeing what traffic is coming to which parts of your blog, you’ll be flying blind. Analytics will enable you to capitalize on the content which attracts the most visitors to your new blog.

Learn as you go

If you start your blog now, you will begin learning the art of blogging which contains many lessons which you can’t learn through research alone. I will be here to offer advice as are others but you can research as you work on your own content. As your blog grows, the helping hands you’ve been reading around the web will become less necessary and your own content and traffic generation will, with work, accelerate.

Don’t be one of those who never starts

For every blog out there, there’s probably thousands of potential bloggers who just never took the chance and started. All that wasted potential for content creation may be a shame but it creates an opportunity for you.

By simply starting your blog now, you can create the content that others failed to. You can receive the traffic and the authority that they could have achieved if they’d just taken the first step and started their blog.

In future you will look back

In a year’s time you will be able to look back at the first post of your blog and likely wonder why you didn’t start sooner. The sooner you start your blog, the sooner you’ll find yourself taking that retrospective. 😉

Remember, we’re not here indefinitely so whatever your blogging goals are, you’ll have more time to achieve and enjoy them if you start your blog now.

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