Writing instead of procrastinating

Yesterday, I told a friend that I was working hard researching other people’s blogs in a similar niche.

“Oh, so you’re procrastinating” she replied.

She had a point. That’s pretty much exactly what I was doing. While I was picking up valid tips and pointers from other writers the fact remained…

I wasn’t being productive.

Reading other people’s blogs can be quite engrossing. Especially when we’re reading how well they’re doing or how much money they’re making.

Now, I’m not saying don’t read your favorite blogs or scope-out your competition but you need to rationalize your time so you still generate your own awesome content.

We all know that these-days, content is king. You can have the prettiest blog in the world with the best theme but if you have no content or your content sucks your blog will fail hard.

I decided to get organized.

I needed to structure the time I spent reading and interacting with the time I spend writing my own content.

My solution was a kind of backwards 80:20 rule. A 20:80 rule if you will.

That is, I put 20% of my working time towards reading and interacting with other bloggers. I then put the other 80% of my time into actually generating content.

I aim to write first.

It may seem obvious to check out your favorite blogs over a morning coffee. However, I find due to time zones, the freshest content will still be an hour or two away from being posted. It’s better to power-through and get an article started first thing.

Then I can read my favorite blogs and interact with other bloggers towards the top of the day.

The trick though is limiting yourself here, maybe just 10% of my working day goes to reading and interacting online before the afternoon’s writing. Possibly finishing off the article I started earlier.

Going off the grid

I avoid all interactions on social media and email during this time. It helps ensure I get the writing done and that the content isn’t sloppy or rushed.

Putting the phone on silent helps. Most desktop messaging apps also have the option of setting an ‘away’ or ‘invisible’ status.

Towards the end if the day I can go back to interacting, catching up on emails and replying to comments.

Congratulations, you have procrastinated

You’ve sat there and read the whole of this article. Time for you to go and create some awesome content of your own!

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